Diamond Jewellery

There doesn’t need to be an excuse to buy a piece of diamond jewellery from our exclusive ranges at L.Guess. Our diamond jewellery ranges have been designed to add sparkle and glamour to any occasion or gift.

Engagements, birthdays, anniversary’s, or just because you want to, diamond jewellery is a gift for life and a gift that keeps on giving time and time again.

The four most important things when buying a diamond are; Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

Colour: When it comes to diamond colours less is more. The more colourless the diamond is the greater value it has. Perfect diamonds are completely colourless.

Cut: There is a very wide range of cuts available when choosing a diamond. Cuts really can affect the prices of diamonds so be sure to make sure you have done your research and selected the prefect diamond cut for you.

Clarity: Clarity is all about the quality of the diamond. Internal imperfections called inclusions and external defects called blemishes effect the clarity and therefore value of the diamonds. The clarity grade is based on the amount or absence of these defects.  The L.Guess staff will be happy to guide you through your purchase ensuring the diamonds you have selected meets your budget and specification

Carat: Size is everything? Not so when it comes to diamonds! Of course we would all love gigantic diamonds but often the cut can change how big the diamond looks. The size of the stone in millimetres will also effect how the diamonds look.

If you would like to know more about our exclusive diamond jewellery range then please either call one of our stores in Littlehampton or Rustington or fill out the contact form here and we will get straight back to you.

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